The Course

The History

 The Owners


Crestwood golf club is a 9-hole course with 4 ponds and 18 bunkers, approx. 56 acres, and 4 tee boxes per hole

Driving range

Storage building for 24 golf carts with chargers

Maintenance building to house equipment

practice putting green

The WPA built Crestwood after World War II in an effort to get Americans back to work. Since Crestwood is of historical significance, there is a greater possibility for grants if the new owner is interested in such.

There are 2 colleges within a mile from the course. The Masonite Corporation in Denmark is planning to hire over 200 new employees and increase their production of doors. This should bring new revenue to the area with the construction crews and employees and families.

Golf course was redesigned to make room for a new driving range. This has come in handy for the junior camps that have been held at Crestwood. In all Crestwood has sponsored 10 junior camps and has given away over 120 sets of golf clubs with the support of the local merchants.

The clubhouse is approx. 4,400 sq. feet. Five years ago windows were replaced, the building was sided and a new roof was Installed. The building has been insured for approx. $285,000 replacement value. The clubhouse has a kitchen with a stove and large cooler. Presently there is an operational consignment boutique with thousands of dollars of glassware and collectibles. There are no other nice sit down dining facilities in Denmark. Crestwood has the capability of becoming one. People have been asking for one for some time. Crestwood has a very favorable name in the community and many people speak of spending summer days there at the pool or speak regarding the dance or wedding reception they attended there.

The present maintenance man has been with Crestwood for 40 years. He knows every inch of the course and knows how to keep the equipment working. He may be willing to stay on if the new owners are interested. The present owners are willing to assist in the transition if need be. Equipment is in working order and being used on a regular basis.